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Guide tube
Diversion silicone hose, is environmentally friendly non-toxic silicone hose, the product is mainly characterized by non-toxic tasteless, platinum sulfide, high transparency, high elasticity, surface smooth, long-term use of the same. Is widely used in food, hospitals, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical factories, medical equipment factory and other industries of a kind of environmentally friendly silicone tube, due to high quality products, FDA and other food grade quality certification, it is also known as FDA silicone tube.
Shenzhen Qi Yu is specializing in the production of all kinds of silicone rubber products manufacturing supplies manufacturers, production of silicone products specifications precision, tolerance, platinum cured fully, long-term use without cracking, discoloration and other phenomena, high environmental protection silica gel and coffee machine (pot) silicone tube, medical silicone rubber tube, welcome to the vast number of new and old customers to visit our factory to guide the work.
Guide performance of silicone tube:
1 high environmental protection products, environmentally friendly non-toxic, high transparency;
2 high elasticity, high pressure, strong resistance to high temperature, strong resistance to ultraviolet;
3 the same yellow, no spray cream, long-term use is not cracking, long service life;
4 acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good tear resistance, can be used under high temperature conditions with ethylene oxide disinfection;
5 products through the SGS, ITS and other institutions to strict testing, in line with the United States FDA and LFGB and other food grade certification
Diversion of silicone tube:
Widely used in hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical factories, medical equipment, biological pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical delivery catheter, connecting pipe, cosmetics, food machinery processing, laboratory, ultra pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, disinfection liquid filling and transmission, and the transmission, food and beverage, dairy products and chemical and other industrial areas
Guide tube parameter:
Shenzhen Qiyu manufacturers of raw materials 100% silica gel temperature -60~300 degrees C
0.05-0.1mm diameter tolerance 0.5-100mm 8mPa
Hardness 30-80A proofing time 3 days free of charge
Delivery FDA days product certification ROSH 3-7 price negotiation
Guide tube
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