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Multi color silicone tube
A variety of colors of the silicone tube is colored silicone tube. Generally used to support the color of machine equipment, with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, ozone resistance and other characteristics. Shenzhen Qiyu plastic is the production of Guangdong Shenzhen earlier suppliers, manufacturers, producers manufacture of silicone products.
Products include a variety of silicone tube, silicone seal, silicone foam products, led silicone tube, and other major series, including medical silicone tube, food grade silicone tube, silicone rubber hose for silicone rubber products. Over the years my factory has continued to develop new products, to provide customers with 100 kinds of supporting silicone tube, color.
Multi color silicone tube:
1 color silicone rubber hose is non-toxic, environmentally friendly products;
2 physical inertia, UV resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to high temperature (-80 to 300);
3 resilience, compression and compression;
4 resistance to stamping, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, resistance to voltage;
5 through the United States FDA and Germany LFGB and other food safety certification, can provide a certificate.
Mainly used in food and medical machinery, coffee pot, water heater, bread machine and other mechanical and electronic products. First class service, excellent quality, we can provide free samples for trial, such as: medical silicone tube, silicone tube, etc.. Shenzhen odd and welcome your patronage wholeheartedly!
Multi color silicone tube parameter:
Shenzhen Qiyu manufacturers of raw materials 100% silica gel temperature -60~300 degrees C
0.05-0.1mm diameter tolerance 0.5-100mm 8mPa
Hardness 30-80A proofing time 3 days free of charge
Delivery FDA days product certification ROSH 3-7 price negotiation
Multi color silicone tube
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