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Green transparent silicone tube

Environmental protection and transparent silicone rubber hose, non-toxic silicone hose, high temperature resistant silicone rubber hose, food grade silicone rubber hose, medical silicone tube are cold resistant and high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless.
Qi silicone products Co., Ltd. in many years of production and development process has gradually formed the core of customer demand for research and development purposes, and customers design research and development, for the vast number of new and old customers to supply customers with satisfactory products is our special silicone products manufacturers for the sole purpose, but also the source of our development.
Shenzhen odd margin to silicone extrusion and extrusion molding process of two kinds of production, extrusion products have silica gel, silicone tube, led silicone casing, etc., molded products are mainly based on a variety of display sealing ring, foam silicone products, but foaming silicone, silicone adhesive tape, etc..
Green transparent silicone rubber hose:
1 non-toxic, tasteless, and high transparency;
2 with ozone, UV resistance, high pressure;
3 no cracking, long service life, high temperature resistant;
4 has a higher tensile strength and superior electrical properties;
5 through UL, FDA, SGS, ROSH, ISO9000, ATC and other related certification;
Green and transparent silicone rubber hose:
Mainly used in bio pharmaceutical, medical research, medical analysis instruments, ventilator food equipment, beverage products straw, small appliances, beverage food, pet feeding equipment, beauty salons and other industries. In addition, the company perennial production and marketing LED silicone tube, silicone seal, silicone waterproof lap, molded sealing ring and other products, welcome to call us a letter of advice!
Green transparent silicone rubber hose parameters:
Shenzhen Qiyu manufacturers of raw materials 100% silica gel temperature -60~300 degrees C
0.05-0.1mm diameter tolerance 0.5-100mm 8mPa
Hardness 30-80A proofing time 3 days free of charge
Delivery FDA days product certification ROSH 3-7 price negotiation

Green transparent silicone...
Green transparent silicone tube - Click to enlarge
Green transparent silicone tube - Click to enlarge
Green transparent silicone tube - Click to enlarge
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